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Delivering Excellence through Experience.


CPM offers services that can be used at any point during your project. Our project managers are able to perform services that will benefit your project and allow your goals to be met. We make sure that the services we offer are performed in an active manner.  


CPM works diligently to satisfy our clients and give them the best possible end result. Learn more about our projects and how we tackle workspaces in creative and time efficient ways. 



At CPM, our mission is to provide our clients and all those involved in the process of delivering a project with a high-touch, boutique project management experience that is unmatched by our competition. With a team filled of honesty, loyalty, integrity and care, we will add true value and unmatched service to all that we encounter. 


At Currie Project Management, we are leveraging our design and construction expertise to revolutionize the project management industry. We collaborate with our clients, design team, and vendor partners to surpass traditional project management standards. Our team is committed to being proactive throughout the entire project process, utilizing our skills and experience to anticipate and address potential issues before they negatively affect the project. Our experienced team knows the right questions to ask, the right people to talk to, and the right solutions to propose. The CPM team places a high priority on transparency, ensuring our clients and project teams are consistently informed throughout the project. We guide them through every step, empowering them to make educated decisions.​


Reliability and Accountability

We take pride in our reliability and hold ourselves accountable for delivering on our commitments, ensuring trust and confidence in our work.  Our clients have high expectations of us, and we will always aim to exceed those expectations.


50 Broad Street, 4th Floor, Boston MA 02109

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